About Us

“We don’t see our clients as disabled, we see them as differently abled.”

Assisting with *Differently Abled *Seniors & * Mentally challenged individuals in your community. Our team goes above and beyond the call of duty and works with each individual and family to create a happier and healthy life. With our assistance, you can achieve the small tasks such as getting the laundry done, dishes, bathing, transferring from bed to chair, or the large goals such as heading to a wedding, vacation, or participate in the Canadian Paralympics! No matter how small or large your life goals are, we can help you get their because all the little tasks create your life, so make it memorable, fun and beautiful!

Our staff have assisted clients at the Canadian Paralympics and achieved Bronze place in Boccia ball!

Mission Statement

Prepare our clients and staff for a committed life journey of assisting and respect

Excellence in serving our community with pride

Acceptance of the differently abled and senior population

Care for those in need

Exceeding all competitors to be the best and a leader in the care industry


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